To help create a more peaceful world, the mission of PeaceMaker Minnesota is to help schools be safer places, free from bullying and harassment, and to help youth  learn positive relation skills like empathy, respect, cooperation and how to resolve conflicts peacefully.


Record Number of Donations Received


154 donations were received during our Candle Lighter Campaign from November 1 through Give to the Max Day, November 17.  Although 46 gifts short of reaching the Midland Information Systems Challenge of $2,000 for 200 gifts, it still was a very generous response.

We appreciate everyone who took a moment to light a candle or to share a picture of a candle on Facebook as a symbol of their hope for more peaceful schools, homes, communities and world.

A special thank you to the following people who volunteered to ask their family members and friends to light a candle and to make during our campaign:

Cynthia Arends, Dan McNeil, Jodelle Ista, John Laliberte, Scott Roste, Therese Olson, Gwendolyn Gmeinder, Mary Stadick, Valerie Swenson, Ruthena Fink, Monica Gallagher, Hans Simons

2016 Candle Lighter Donations

Elizabeth and Bill Arend, Marian Biehn, Anthony and Kathy Bona, Rita Brenner, Mary and Ron Burg, Deborah & Richard Clark, Karen and Howard Cronin, Naomi Dorau, Rick Durant, Vivian Greeninger, Richard & Suzanne Hansen, Carol Johnson, Bob and Mariel Knoch, Genevieve and Thomas Krueger, Jeanne and Thomas Lacy, Stella Lundquist, Bill and Pat McCann, Ruth Nelson, Otto and Mary Ann Palmer, Anthony Roszak, Elizabeth Runge, Karen Schaffer, South St. Paul Restorative Justice Council, Inc., Stinson Leonard Street LLP, Carol Streif, Carla and James Taurinskas, Doris and Bob Thimmesh, Vivian Greeninger, Patrick Whelan,

Ronald Wilson, Anonymous 9 times, Stacy Elliott, Laura Bateman, Ann Abel, Sabrina Fay, Dan McNeil, Lynda Haemig, Riley Major, Doug Hill, Carol Nustad, Mary Stadick, Erin Johnson, Beth Chaplin, Lynn Belgea, Cindy Piersdorf, Susan Furr, Dennis Erno, Elizabeth Hace, Lisa Boland Blake, Katharine Park, Christine Reynolds, Sara Delich, Walter Enloe, Kyla Cromer, Thomas Loxkhart, Nicole Henry, Tom Fitzpatrick, James Bialke, Wesley Volkenant, Michael Moore, Hans Simons, Jennifer Besser, Kasey Skala, Krista Michaelis, Jessica Litecky, Ruthena Fink, Joyce Thompson Graham, John and Judy Moeller, Emily Laliberte, Mike Kline, Mallory Patwell, Valerie Swenson, Kim Samrock, Dan McNeil, Lisa Leonidas, Lisa McLeod, Jane Wilken,

JoAnn Ward, Monica Gallagher, Bhavin Shah, Terry Bretoi, Josh Swenson, Jodelle Ista, Barbara Golden, Roberta Hoffman, Brad Nelson, Dawn Goracki, Amy Tollefson, Mary Molumby, Kimberly Dahlen, Kari Green, Jill Kielblock, Janel Hoekenga, Amelia Fink, Stella Lundquist, Therese Olson, Micahael Illies, Pat Liesener, Barb McCormick Mann, Mike Kline, Kristin Sasse, Monica Savasta, Vivian Greeninger, Carol Bidwell, John Laliberte, Claudia O’Neil, Lois Swanson,

Lori Hanson, Jodelle Ista, Mary Gallagher, Monica Schwickerath, Samantha Redepenning, Eric Hammerberg, Jane Reinke, Theresa Griep, Emily Knudsen, Melissa Trampel, Steve Trost, Elena Sangachhe, Deepa Nambudiripad, Joe & Patty Kankovsky, Cynthia Arends, Arnold Law, Brian Goodspeed, Joseph Arends, Roger Sternberg, Rosemary Arends, Anne Kalb, Mary-Ellen Briel, Deb Armbruster,

Jeff & Marla Scherber, Claudia Wilson, Barbara  Pierson, Nancy Trost,  Scott Roste, Emilie Scott, Barbara Bergseth, Vincent King, Jodelle Ista, Gwendolyn Gmeinder, Monticello Middle School Parent Involvement, Darrol Bussler, Alison Sipkins, Richard Wagner, Apryl Henry, Allan Bostelmann, Patricia Gaarder


The following contributions were receivd online:

Cowern Elementary: $80

Glacier Hills Arts & Science: $455

Great River School: $100

Highland Catholic School: $2,000

Lake Park Audubon Elementary: $260

Linwood Monroe Arts Plus: $60

Monticello Middle School: $1,030

South St. Paul Restorative Justice Council: $375

St. John the Baptist Catholic School: $100


PeaceMaker Minnesota also received $2,723 in contributions and our endowment fund for South St. Paul Public Schools received $365.



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