What schools are eligible to join the PeaceMaker Minnesota network?


Any K - 12 school (public, charter or private) located in Minnesota is eligible to join the PeaceMaker Minnesota network of schools dedicated to the reduction of bullying and the teaching of social emotional skills.


Partner schools are required to:


Use an evidence-based violence prevention program like Olweus, Second Step, PBIS, etc.  For a listing of evidence-based violence prevention programs, click here.


Administer the Olweus Bullying Questionnaire to students each spring and sign an agreement with The Improve Group to summarize and analyze the student survey results.  PeaceMaker Minnesota will pay for the Olweus Bullying Questionnaire and the work of The Improve Group costs.


 For a full listing of eligibility requirements, click here.


How is joining the PeaceMaker Minnesota network of schools different than applying for a grant?


PeaceMaker Minnesota provides ongoing funding, not one-time grants.  Schools need to be committed to working on an ongoing basis to reduce bullying and to teach social emotional skills.


PeaceMaker Minnesota is interested in working with members of your community (civic organizations like a Lions Club, faith communities, parents, etc.) to develop sustainable funding for a school’s or school district’s efforts to provide a safe and positive learning environment. 


How does a school apply to join the PeaceMaker Minnesota network of schools?


Provide the information listed on the PeaceMaker Minnesota application form which can be found here.


Is there an application deadline?


No, applications are considered year-round.


How long will it take for PeaceMaker Minnesota to decide whether or not it will partner with our school?


Within two months from the time of your application, PeaceMaker Minnesota will respond to your application. 


 How much funding could my school receive if accepted into the PeaceMaker Minnesota network?


PeaceMaker Minnesota has three funding programs for its partner schools:


Olweus Bullying Questionnaire Funding:  Each partner school can submit a copy of its invoice from Hazelden to be reimbursed for cost of administering the Olweus Bullying Questionnaire to every student in grades three or higher.  PeaceMaker also provides funding for member schools to pay The Improve Group to summarize survey results.


Catalyst Grant Funding:  The amount of Catalyst Grant funding received by a school is based on the contribution amount the school raises for the PeaceMaker mission. 


For example, schools and school districts that allow employees to make payroll deducted contributions to PeaceMaker Minnesota receive a catalyst grant the following year that is three times the amount contributed by employees.  In other words, $1,000 in contributions from employees generates a $3,000 grant from PeaceMaker Minnesota the following year. 


Contributions donated to PeaceMaker Minnesota’s online project page for a school on Give to the Max Day (in November) are matched and paid to the school in December.  With a prior understanding PeaceMaker Minnesota matches additional contributions that schools raise from parent associations, businesses, faith communities, civic organizations and individuals.


  1. Program Building Grants:  PeaceMaker partner schools can request funding to help improve Olweus Questionnaire results.  These grants are awarded based on the level of PeaceMaker Minnesota interest in your proposal.  Program Building grants may be a multi-year commitment to pay for additional recess help, to ensure that all staff at a building receive training within three years, etc.


 To date, the most awarded to a school in a single year has been $26,000. 


 What types of things can funding pay for?


 Click here to see a list of things that funding can support.


 What can you tell me about the Olweus Bullying Questionnaire?


The Olweus Bullying Questionnaire is a 42 question survey for grades three and higher.  It takes about 30 minutes for students to take either online or on paper.  Survey results will show things like where is taking place, how prevalent it is, the types of bullying behavior that are the most common, the number of students with one or fewer friends, the number of students who believe that adults at the school try to put a stop to bullying, etc.  More information about the survey can be found at http://www.violencepreventionworks.org/public/olweus_preparation.page#questionnaire


What will I need to do to maintain my PeaceMaker Minnesota partnership?


Each spring member schools are required to administer the Olweus Survey and to share the results with PeaceMaker Minnesota and The Improve Group.


Schools seeking a Catalyst or Program Building grant need to complete a partnership renewal form by June 15 of each year.  

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