Testimonials And Letters Of Support From School Employees & Others

A tearful Lunchtime apology.

Standing Up For What Is Right, a speech by Detective Edward Sypniewski


Sonya Czerepak, Cowern principal, explains why having a caring classroom is important.





School Outcomes & Quotes


Partner School Student Survey Results Compared To National And State Benchmarks, 2013-2014 School Year


“We reduced office referrals from 143 to 119.  A 17% drop for our entire school.”  Hilltop Elementary


The number of students who were bullied 2- 3 times a month from one year to the next decreased by 25%.  St. John the Baptist Catholic School


“We saw a 29% reduction in office discipline referrals, from 125 to 89.” Cowern Elementary


“94% students reported feeling safe.” Avalon Charter School 


“PeaceMaker Minnesota has been solely responsible for the continuation of our efforts.”  Jefferson Elementary 


“Bullying certainly doesn’t go away when budgets are cut – in fact, the likelihood may increase – so your funding is especially appreciated.”  Monticello Middle School






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