To help create a more peaceful world, the mission of PeaceMaker Minnesota is to help schools be safer places, free from bullying and harassment, and to help youth  learn positive relation skills like empathy, respect, cooperation and how to resolve conflicts peacefully.

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Essays and Testimonials From Students


           Someday People Will Live In Peace


           Tanner Helps Friend Considering Suicide.


            Kelly develops courage to stand up for herself and others.


            No Bullying – By Tremique


I Learned Words Can Be Hurtful by Alex


I Hope The Bullying Stops Forever by Brady


I Was A Bully, But Not No More – By Dillon




Student Quotes


“Peacemakers makes a difference in my life because I get along better with people I didn’t before. I’m not always trying to fight people. I’m starting to want to listen to what others got to say.” Danielle, Oak Grove


“I have changed because I am respectful to people. I won’t call people fat and ugly because I know it hurts peoples’ feelings and I don’t want to be doing that any more.” Highview Middle School


“We learned about cooperating with people and including others. I feel that this really helped me to understand that bullying is wrong. I also think this helped me to learn how to help others that are being bullied.” St. John the Baptist Catholic School


“I have seen first hand students stand up for each other. I had many conversations with students who are concerned about friends and want to help them. This tells me that we are making an impact. We are letting our students know that they have a voice. The more time and energy we as teachers put into programs like this the more productive our schools will be.” Monticello Middle School


People build all sorts of things – houses, careers, families. You can build a charitable legacy by creating or adding to a permanent PeaceMaker fund for schools.

We got started with a commitment to tithe, saving up for two years, and by asking a couple of friends to donate. You can too!

Start a fund to help the schools in the district that you grew up in or attend now. Ensure that the hallways, classrooms, playgrounds at your school are positive places for kids. Help create the world you want to see.

Donors have created the following funds to provide long-term support for schools partnering with PeaceMaker Minnesota to reduce bullying and to teach positive relational skills:

  • Catholic Schools


  • Dayton Area Endowment Fund


  • Lake Park Audubon School District


  • Mounds View School District


  • North St. Paul – Maplewood – Oakdale School District


  • PeaceMaker Maker Minnesota


  • South St. Paul School District



Please use the Contact tab above so that we can talk about how you can support a fund for the schools that are important to you.

Thank you for your interest in helping kids learn to be peacemakers. Why not make your commitment to preventing violence a part of your legacy?


Please include PeaceMaker Minnesota in your will or as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401k or 403b retirement plan.


It is as easy as designating a specific dollar amount or a percentage of an asset to PeaceMaker Minnesota.


Your gift will help realize your desire to see more people learn to be peacemakers.


Unrestricted legacy gifts are added to PeaceMaker’s endowment and the earnings provide ongoing, yearly support.


You can add to or create an endowment for a specific school district or type of school (charter, independent, Catholic).


“I designated PeaceMaker Minnesota as a beneficiary of my 403b plan because I want to do what I can to prevent violence and promote peace.   My gift connects me to what I want to stand for, to what I want to see happen.” Dan McNeil

PeaceMaker Minnesota relies on individuals committed to seeing more peaceful schools, communities and world.


Monthly contributions are especially important. Grouped together, they provide a base for sustaining and expanding our efforts to help children learn to be peacemakers.


It is a convenient way to give. The consistency of your giving amplifies its impact. Each monthly gift is a building block to helping more children learn that is not OK to hurt others, the importance of not being a bystander and how to resolve conflicts without breaking relationships.


Please become a Bridge Builder, a monthly donor to PeaceMaker Minnesota, at one of the following amounts:


$5 x 12 months = $60 a year

$8 x 12 months = $96 a year

$10 x 12 months = $120 a year

$20 x 12 months = $240 a year

$25 x 12 months = $300 a year

$40 x 12 months = $480 a year

$50 x 12 months = $600 a year

$84 x 12 months = $1008 a year


Please use the Contact button above so that we can send you a short form for authorizing monthly deductions or to help you set-up monthly credit card contributions.