To help create a more peaceful world, the mission of PeaceMaker Minnesota is to help schools be safer places, free from bullying and harassment, and to help youth learn positive relational skills like empathy, respect, cooperation and how to resolve conflicts peacefully.

To apply:  Email cover letter and resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Time Commitment:  

Due to the nature of this position and work within schools, hours for this position will vary as follows:

  • September – May: between 40 and 120 hours per month, not to exceed 40 hours in a week without prior approval from the Executive Director.   
  • June – August: between 0 and 40 hours per month

This position requires the ability to meet and communicate with program partners, PeaceMaker Minnesota staff, volunteers, and others as needed between 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.



FLSA Status:  



Pay Rate:  

$25.00 per hour. No benefits available. Mileage reimbursement at the current rate of 57.5 cents per mile from the PeaceMaker Minnesota office in Roseville is provided. (Mileage rate is subject to change.)


Program Purpose:  

To strengthen self-advocacy for individuals with developmental disabilities and to strengthen bullying prevention efforts through trainings in fourth grade classrooms about inclusion, using kind, Person First - language, and being an advocate for oneself and others.


Position Purpose:  

To coordinate PeaceMaker Minnesota’s Ambassadors for Respect (A4R) program so that it fulfills its purpose and meets programmatic goals (number of partner agencies, number of trainings, training evaluation targets), etc. 



Working Conditions:

The Program Coordinator will travel within the state of Minnesota to work with program partners. They will also work at the PeaceMaker Minnesota office in Roseville, Minnesota as needed. Additionally, they may work in a remote setting or home office as needed.


Required Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:

  • Strong and effective organizational / project management skills with attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills, including written and in-person
  • Demonstrated, strong customer service abilities in order to help partner agencies deliver impactful trainings
  • Ability to travel the state of Minnesota to meet with school partners or potential agency partners
  • Knowledge of budgets with demonstrated ability to track and report financial and survey outcomes information.
  • Ability to facilitate trainings and presentations helpful
  • Ability to work at the PeaceMaker Minnesota office in Roseville as needed
  • Knowledge of and skill in using personal computers as well as Microsoft Word, Excel and Google Drive.
  • Ability to independently identify and complete work as needed.
  • Can uphold the PeaceMaker Minnesota values of:
    • Peace is worth our commitment
    • People and relationships matter
    • Transparency and Accountability


Required Education and Experience:

High School diploma and one year of experience in at least one of the following areas: project coordination, customer service, education, assisting people with disabilities, administrative assistance, communications or sales.    


Desired Education and Experience:

Five years of experience in two or more of the following areas:  project coordination, customer service, education, assisting people with disabilities, administrative assistance, communications or sales.   


Required Credentials / Licensure:

Valid Minnesota Class D Driver’s license is required.


Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications:

Valid Minnesota Class D Driver’s license, reliable vehicle, satisfactory driving record, and necessary insurance.  



This position reports to the Executive Director.




  • Recruit partners for implementing the Ambassadors for Respect program and for joining the PeaceMaker Minnesota network. Prepare and finalize memos of understanding regarding the partnership. 
  • Support schools in implementing the Ambassadors for Respect program
    • Meet with agency partners to explain the program, the commitments of PeaceMaker Minnesota and an A4R Partner Agency, the reporting requirements, etc.
    • Meet with agency partners as frequently as needed to support them in preparing their Ambassadors to lead trainings.
    • Meet with agency partners to check in on how their work is developing. Review testimonials, scripts, slides, etc. and provide guidance when helpful to make sure the program is being delivered with fidelity to its design, and to help it achieve the intended impact.
    • Meet with Ambassadors to assure their knowledge of the program and their scripts. Provided t-shirts and give-a-ways (credentialing).  Provide guidance as necessary.
    • Observe Ambassadors for Respect trainings at elementary schools to ensure fidelity and impact. Provide guidance as necessary. 
    • Ensure payment to Ambassadors (verify proper timesheet reporting, facilitate the issuing and delivery of checks).
    • Note innovations, challenges and improvements and make revisions as necessary in the PeaceMaker Minnesota Supplemental Manual to help partners have all of the information needed for implementing the program.
  • Contact elementary schools, if requested by a partner agency, to identify schools that are interested in having a training and the appropriate contact person at the school for scheduling trainings.
  • Ensure schools are collecting and assembling information from the required surveys and providing monthly reports.
  • Gather reporting information and complete monthly financial and narrative reports to the Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities.
  • Invoice elementary schools and keep a log of schools that have been invoiced.
  • Communicate with the Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities.


About the Ambassadors for Respect (A4R) Program:

An award-winning program, A4R is provided in partnership with the Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities, Merrick, Inc.; and school district transition programs. PeaceMaker Minnesota supports individuals with developmental disabilities to present to fourth grade classrooms about empathy, respectful language, inclusion, and making acts of kindness. Watch this video to learn more. 


About PeaceMaker Minnesota:

To help create a more peaceful world, the mission of PeaceMaker Minnesota is to help schools to be safer places, free from bullying and harassment, and to help youth learn positive relational skills like empathy, respect, cooperation and how to resolve conflicts peacefully. 


PeaceMaker provides the following services: 

  • Continuous Improvement & Planning to help schools to assess the effectiveness of their bullying prevention work and to make improvement plans.
  • Matching Funds to help schools purchase curriculum, obtain training, bring in speakers, etc.
  • Teacher Team Support & Recognition to provide financial assistance and recognition to teachers providing nearly weekly lessons of a violence prevention program that research shows to be effective
  • Training for teachers and bus drivers on how to recognize, intervene and prevent bullying, and peer mediation training for students. 
  • Ambassadors for Respect which facilitates trainings by individuals with developmental disabilities in fourth grade classrooms to help students to include others, to use Person First language and to be an advocate for oneself and others.  

Our strategy is to help schools use the best practices in youth violence prevention and to develop sustainable funding for their work. We are leaders in violence prevention education and generators of support for helping youth learn to be peacemakers. Founded in 1998, PeaceMaker Minnesota meets all of the standards of the Charities Review Council.


This position description outlines the general nature and level of work performed by people employed in this position. The mission of PeaceMaker Minnesota requires that employees demonstrate flexibility in terms of accepting and sharing other, sometimes unforeseeable responsibilities as well as those described in this description.  


January 27, 2020

Join our team.


PeaceMaker Minnesota does not have any positions open at this time. 



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

At PeaceMaker Minnesota, our mission is to help schools to be safer places for EVERYONE. We honor and celebrate diversity within the people and communities who make that possible: partner schools, students, staff, volunteers, Board of Directors members, interns, vendors, community partners, and others. We call on one another to demonstrate and utilize the skills our programs and services aim to develop in young people: empathy, respect, cooperation, and peaceful conflict resolution.  

We work to maintain an inclusive environment in which those we work with feel welcomed, included, heard, respected, and valued. Including diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives helps to generate innovation and progress, making our organization stronger and leading to better services and programs for the people and communities we serve. 


Annual Reports





PeaceMaker’s Matching Funds Service provides resources for schools to implement violence prevention initiatives. Schools use funds to meet the needs and challenges that they determine to be the highest priority for their unique environments. PeaceMaker Minnesota recently paid:

$14,069 to Pinewood Elementary School in Monticello, matching funding that PeaceMaker received, to help them complete a district-wide implementation of a Social-Emotional Learning Program at Monticello Public Schools. Funds will make it possible for them to purchase 30 Second Step curriculum kits for teachers as well as teacher training and support from Committee for Children. Second Step is an evidence-based program that has been shown to be effective at reducing bullying.

Without the help of PeaceMaker’s matching funds, we would not have been able to implement district-wide this year. Thanks to the financial assistance of PeaceMaker, every student in the Monticello School District receives high quality instruction in Social-Emotional Learning, which will lead to improved self-image, social awareness, decision making, self-control, and relationship skills.”

               -Cindy Fasching, Curriculum Specialist/Math Teacher, Monticello Public Schools


$3,000 to S.G. Reinertsen Elementary School in Moorhead, matching funds from the school’s parent group. Funds will help them provide all students with a daily social skills lesson, via videos that teachers share during morning meetings in addition to having a “Day of Compassion” – a retreat for 4th grade students who will then teach younger students lessons in kindness.  


November 22, 2019