To help create a more peaceful world, the mission of PeaceMaker Minnesota is to help schools be safer places, free from bullying and harassment, and to help youth  learn positive relation skills like empathy, respect, cooperation and how to resolve conflicts peacefully.


265 Candles Lit for Peace - 35 More Needed For $500 Challenge

Kari and Dan Rominski pledge to contribute an additional $500 if we raise an additional 50 gifts over the original challenge of $2,500 for 250 donations

So far 265 donations have been made each representing someone’s desire for more peaceful schools communities and world.  Each gift is like a candle burning in defiance to the darkness of hatred, bullying and violence.   

Please contribute $10 or more here to join the people below in showing your support for helping kids learn to be peacemakers.  Let your commitment be counted and your light be seen to inspire others

With your help we will show that there is broad community support for helping schools to stop bullying and to teach youth positive relational skills like empathy, respect for others and how to resolve conflicts peacefully. 

With increased support we will be able to serve more schools and help more kids learn to be peacemakers.

Please ask your friends and family members to join in this effort. 

THANK YOU to the following for making contributions as of 8:00 p.m. November 15:


Jim & Lorene Roste, John Laliberte (2), Beth Chaplin, Edwin Hom, Judith Osbon, Mary Murchison, Christine Reynolds, Cynthia Carlson, Kathleen Towle,

Ann Kreger, Lynda Haemig, Anonymous (3), Laura JMurphy, Debbie Foldesi, Jennifer Wilkins, Amy McNeil, John Conlin, Jennifer Armstrong, Lois Glewwe, Mark Ziebarth,

Mary Glagavs, Adam L. Mohr Agency, Marilyn Ward, Jane Hensen, Michael Kirschling, Stephen Rose, Kristine Simon, Kasey Skala, Rebecca Surmont, Douglas Anderson, Jennifer Urciaga, Jennifer Vukelich-Seltz, Vincent King, Laurel Collins, K Blackwell Kinney, Mark Jansen, Lisa Torgerson, Christine Shanahan, Beth Lowther,

James R Johnson, Bridget Castaneda, Belle Zaiser, Paul Patton, Anne Kalb, Denise Potter, Sara Hamilton, Mary Miller, Julie Anderson, Hayla Drake, Deborah Thayer, Gene Hughes, Knights of Columbus Council #14250 St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Carol Weber, Jan & Jerry Bensing, Patricia Gaarder, Anita Jader, North St. Paul - Maplewood - Oakdale Rotary Club

Todd Mueller, Jessica Hammerberg, Jodelle Ista (4), Sara Barney, Barbara Sanderson, Bart Andersen, Emily John, Roger Sternberg, Sarah Syverson, Patricia Vaillancourt, Christine Wallace, Neil Ankrum, Diane Henry, Carol Bidwell, 

Jill Kielblock, Joshua Forrest, Len Przybylski, Christina Roste, Kathleen Vellelnga, Ruthena Fink, Amelia Fink, Daniel McNeil, Tim McCarthy, Angela Guerrero, Carrie Blandin, Falina Stammer, Scott Roste, Katherin Johannes

All-MostAnything Promo Items & Wearables Inc., Anonymous (6), Nancy Arnold, BakkenWood Hair Studio, Charles Belland, Carolyn Bender, Barb Bergseth, Carol Bidwell (2), Marian Biehn, Patricia Bjorklund, Ann Boekhoff, Anthony and Kathleen Bona, Miriam Bosveld, M K Boyle, Shirley Bradway, Terrence Bretoi, John Bricour, Natalie Brinkman, Ruth & Dennis Buhl, Rita Anne Casey, Bridget Castaneda,


Jennifer Christensen, Diane Christianson, Deborah & Richard Clark, Amy Coborn, Mercy Collective, Thomas and Susan Coughlin (2), Cowern Elementary Parent Teacher Group, Kyla Cromer, Sonya Czerepak, Beverly Dahlin, Dakota County employees, Kristin Demery, Daniel Diffenderfer, Melissa Diffenderfer, John Diffenderfer, Jane Diffenderfer, Michael Fahey, Tom Fitzpatrick, Jill Ferguson,


Douglas Forbes, Carole Froehle, Scott Furey, M Susan Furr, Charlotte Gabler, Monica Gallagher, Glacier Hills Booster Club, Debbie Glotter, Francisco Gonzalez, Brian Goodspeed, Roxanne Graupman, Vivian Greeninger, Sharon Grostephan,


Jerry Gunderman, Don and Marion Hall, Melissa Hamre, Kristin Hanson, Linda Lou Hanson, Supenn Harrison, Kristie Hood, Jodelle Ista (2), Judy Jerde, Mary Ann Johansen, Carol and Warren   Johnson, Erin E Johnson, Larry Johnson, Virginia Kauppi, Jacqueline Kilian, John & Nikki Laliberte (2), Emily Laliberte, Andrew J Laliberte, Judy Larson, Katherine Larson, Marissa Lasky, Susan Lau, Jim and Rita Lefebvre, Lisa and David Leonidas, Ronald Little, Nashville Studio LLC, Melinda Malcolm, Marie McCafferty, Drue and Patrick McCarthy, Lisa McLeod, Cathy J Miller,


Danette Mitchell, Amy Moore, Michael L Moore, Barbara Moorhead, Moorhead Area Public Schools employees, Mike Mullin, Kathleen J Nadeau (2), Ruth Nelson, Amy Newswanger, Roberta and Kent Olsen, Cheryl Olson, Eric Olson, Sarah Olson, Otto and Mary Ann Palmer, Mara L Patton, Mara L Patton, Keith Pearson, Cynthia R Piersdorf, Barbara Pierson (2), Carrie Pietruszewski, Rita and Paul Poulton, Jolene &


Timothy Pugh, Tom and JoAnn Pugh (2), Tom and Susan Pugh, Leslie Rapp, Thomas Ratelle, Shelley J Robshaw, Lisa  Roden, L E Rosa, New Brighton / Mounds View Rotary Club, Kristin Sasse, T Matala Saunders, Marla A. Scherber, Kris Schmitt, Robert Schultz, Michael and Jillene Schwab, Roger Schwagmeyer, Emily Seaberg, Anne Squire, St. Charles Borromeo School, Mary Stadick, State of Minnesota employees, Stanley Stelter, Gary & Denise Stelzner, Gary & Denise Stelzner, Scott Stinson, Steven Stoll, Thomas and Paula Stoltz, Linda Strand, Jay Susag, Lois Swanson, Valerie Swenson (2), Taurinskas Law Firm, P.A., Joy Thao,



Teresa Thomas, Roger L Thompson, Nicole Trifilette, Michele and Carroll Vance, Carol Vick, Dolores   Voorhees, Brian E Vucinovich, Richard Wagner, Dave Webb (2), Susi Weldon, Susi Weldon, Steve, White, Jane S Wilken, Claudia Wilson (2), Harim Won, Lyle Wright, Amber A Wurm, Laurie Yackel, Vanie Yang        


Messages received with the contributions:

Dedicated to Darmar Hoffner

In memory of Angeles Arrien


Dedicated to Martha Sternberg

Dedicated to All the people who risk their lives for justice and peace

In memory of Patricia Paull

Dedicated to Thanking Monica and Hans and family for their wonderful work!

Dedicated to Robert Bruggeman

In memory of Gwen Gmeinder's dad!

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