To help create a more peaceful world, the mission of PeaceMaker Minnesota is to help schools be safer places, free from bullying and harassment, and to help youth  learn positive relation skills like empathy, respect, cooperation and how to resolve conflicts peacefully.


You Are Supporting School Violence Prevention Initiatives Across MN

Below is a summary of some of the projects that you are making possible and the comments received from the schools when applying for matching funds.  

PeaceMaker’s Matching Funds service provides resources for the violence prevention initiatives determined to be the highest priority by each school.  

Each school in the PeaceMaker network can receive a $2,000 payment after first raising $1,000 in contributions to PeaceMaker.  Schools can request additional matching funds.

Matching funds not only strengthen violence prevention efforts, they encourage school leaders in thinking about what more can be done with the opportunity of additional funding, and they generate local community support for peacemaking education

  • 2,185 paid to Schoolcraft Learning Community in Bemidji, matching contributions from school employees to help pay for classroom instruction by Peacemaker Resources.  

“Thank you for supporting our Social and Emotional Learning classes.  Our students are learning and teaching “I to I” statements, how to “take a break,” circles of peace and circles of hurt and how to understand not only their own feelings but others’ as well.  Students are learning what they can do to promote peace in themselves and contribute topeace in our school.  When they graduate they take this with them into the world.” Rita Poultan,Schoolcraft Business Manager

  • $3,780 paid to Monticello Middle School, matching contributions by school employees to help pay for student Peer Leader training and programming, a part-time noon Recreational Specialist, Stand Up Week presentations & materials, and Wellness Day training & lunches.  

We are so grateful at Monticello Middle School for the funding we receive from PeaceMaker MN to provide positive programming in our building.  We have partnered with PeaceMaker for many years to promote a healthy climate where students can focus on learning.  These funds provide opportunities to address social and emotional needs, as well as violence prevention efforts.  Each year our Stand Up Committee considers data we have collected through the student Olweus Bullying Questionnaire and other sources, to determine a theme, activities, and school wide presentations to focus on what is needed to improve our school and guide our students in being considerate of each other.”  Therese Olson, Counselor

  •  $2,500 paid to Glacier Hills School of Arts & Science in Eagan, matching a contribution from the school’s Booster Club to help pay for a mindfulness training for staff and a student kindness retreat by Youth Frontiers.

“Our efforts to provide supportive school settings, to be able to care for academic goals along with healthy social emotional growth has never felt more important than it does today.  Peacemaker Minnesota and their school partners are making this happen.  Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts & Science is grateful to be part of this supportive community effort”Colleen Dockendorf, School Social Worker

  • $3,186 paid to Little Mountain Elementary in Monticello, matching employee contributions to help pay for professional development, curriculum implementation, playground supplies and sensory kits to help students who need calming/reflection time.

“Throughout the last school year and moving forward, Little Mountain has started to focus heavily on becoming a trauma informed /sensitive school. Our partnership with PeaceMaker has allowed us to not only bring specific professional development to our staff in this area, but also to provide direct programming aimed at giving our students tools to reflect, calm, be present, and understand the concerns of others. We appreciate the trust and guidance PeaceMaker has given us to make decisions based on helping Little Mountain become a more peaceful learning environment.”  Gabe Hacket, Principal

  • $5,445 paid to S.G. Reinertsen Elementary in Moorhead, matching contributions from their employees and parent organization to help pay for curriculum, bringing in outside resources that support social emotional learning and training for staff.  

“Our work as educators is to educate the whole child.  We know that building the character strengths of our students requires us to teach positive behavior.  This positive behavior then leads to better learning and school achievement.  It doesn’t stop there, as achievement in school has a positive impact on later life outcomes for our students.  We value the mission of PeaceMaker MN on building a more peaceful world, as we know this is necessary for student success.”  Tiffany Nagel, Assistant Principal



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