To help create a more peaceful world, the mission of PeaceMaker Minnesota is to help schools be safer places, free from bullying and harassment, and to help youth  learn positive relation skills like empathy, respect, cooperation and how to resolve conflicts peacefully.


Expanding Mindfulness Training

By Gemma Kumaraea

PeaceMaker Minnesota is collaborating with 1000 Petals, a mindfulness, movement, and social emotional learning (SEL) training and consulting company that provides workshops, events, retreats, and courses. Their goal is to train and support youth, educators, mental health professionals, and families in navigating through life in a way that utilizes mindfulness and movement, specifically in schools and therapeutic environments. They focus on building skills of self-regulation, stress reduction, focus, de-escalation, community connection, resiliency, and general well-being. 


1000 Petals generated a $10,000 contribution to PeaceMaker Minnesota from The Kind World Foundation with the understanding that PeaceMaker donors would match the funding to expand trainings to help school personnel model and teach self-regulation, stress reduction, focus and de-escalation.   The services of 1000 Petals align with our vision of creating a more peaceful world, helping schools be safer places, and assisting youth with learning positive relation skills. 


$10,000 of those dollars went to Highland Catholic School in Saint Paul, which will now be able to bring yoga to their school community, including staff, parents, and students. They are specifically looking to utilize the benefits of yoga to decrease anxiety in students and to foster a positive learning environment, team building, conflict resolution, relationship building, and more. Their plan includes providing Yoga Calm training for 2-3 staff members, a whole staff training, a parent night, and a consultation with staff. Their experience so far with yoga has been that it strengthens their students and staff’s self-regulation, focus, stress-management, and reflective skills. Their hope is that with these funds, the positive effects from yoga will continue to flourish in participants. 


“Raising the next generation of peacemakers is the work of the whole community,” states Highland Catholic’s application for funding.  “Thank you for your work in our community. Your support makes it possible for us to implement our program in a more robust way than we could without PeaceMaker dollars. Your support is also a validation of the fact that the whole community cares about our kids.”


Another school participating in this collaboration is Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts and Science in Eagan.     The Eagan Lions Club is helping to provide some of the matching funds to make PeaceMaker’s $5,000 payment possible.  Glacier Hills plans to partner with 1000 Petals to have three staff workshops as well as have seven teachers participate in a classroom residency program. Remaining funds will support teachers utilizing Mindfulness Movement in their classrooms.


Teachers at Glacier Hills have participated in trainings by 1000 Petals in the past.  With renewed funding, the learning and integration of mindfulness and movement will continue. “With the partnership of PeaceMaker Minnesota, we are able to offer multiple approaches to engage our students and community in peaceful solutions. This develops skills that are needed to navigate everyday life, engage fully and collaboratively in our diverse world and create lasting impact in our greater community,” reads the application from Glacier Hills.


Linwood Monroe Arts and Science School in Saint Paul recently applied for the remaining $5,000 in funding from the collaboration. 



We have high hopes that partnerships like these will continue into the future. When we work together with foundations, schools, organizations, and individuals, powerful and meaningful change can happen. In this case, part of this change was made possible through contributions from PeaceMaker Minnesota's donors—thank you! If you’d like to make a tax deductible contribution to support PeaceMaker Minnesota's work, click here









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