To help create a more peaceful world, the mission of PeaceMaker Minnesota is to help schools be safer places, free from bullying and harassment, and to help youth learn positive relational skills like empathy, respect, cooperation and how to resolve conflicts peacefully.


Thank you to everyone who made a contribution between November 1 – 14 to #beacandlelighter. Together, you generated 340 gifts, each representing a candle lit in support of strengthening violence prevention efforts across Minnesota.Your passion and commitment fueled the Candle Lighter Campaign, which generated $31,061.83 to help kids develop compassion, kindness and a commitment to one another. This couldn't have happened without you. For a complete list of donors, see the bottom of this post. 



You helped us to secure $3,000 in challenge funds from Kari and Dan Rominski, $3,000 from Coach Monica, $1,000 from Midland Information Systems, and $500 from Vivian Greeninger. For a complete list of donors, see the bottom of this post. 

We also secured $250 in matching funds from Bell Bank for our Lake Park Audubon School District endowment fund, and $250 in matching funds from Prime Design for gifts received through their online contribution pages.


In addition, we were honored set up a memorial fund for Burt Berlowe, who passed away in October. A journalist and award-winning author, Burt was an inspiration and mentor to many in the peacemaking community. Our condolences go out to his family and to all who knew him and were impacted by his life.

 A Celebration of Life Service will be held on December 7 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. at Open Book in Minneapolis. If you’d like to contribute to Burt’s memorial fund, write “Burt Berlowe Memorial” on the memo line of your check. 

Thank you to everyone on this list for giving one or multiple gifts to our campaign from November 1 through November 14:

Abby Matter, Agape Foundation, Ajia Collins, Alicia Willie, Amelia Fink. Amy & Pete Neuswanger, Andrew McDonald, Andrew Swenson, Angela Guerrero, Ann Boekhoff, Ann Counihan, Ann Jarrett, Ann Perkins, Anne Cowley, Anne Reid, Anne-Marie Combs, Anonymous (26 gifts),  April Knutson, BakkenWood Hair Studio, Barb Bergseth, Barbara Moorhead, Barbara Pierson, Bell Bank, Beth Chaplin, Beverly and Phillip Norris, Bill Habedank, Bill Pappin, Billie Conlon, Brian Drake, Brian Godspeed, Bridget Castaneda, Bruce Schwenck, Bruggeman Realty & Tax, Bryce Meyer, Carl & Deb Anderson, Carol Bidwell, Carol Johnson, Caroline Winslow, Carri Stuhr, Carrie Blandin, Cathy Hickman, Christina Roste, Christine Reynolds, Christine Shanahan, Cindy Carlson, Cindy Piersdorf, Claudia Wilson, Coach Monica, LLC, Colleen Armacan, Community Shares of Minnesota, Connie Jahnke, Courtney Colton, Craig Bahr, Cynthia Cath, Dakota County employees, Dan McNeil, Daryl Mortek, Dave Janke, Dave Webb,  David Krause, Deb Guthrie, Deb Wicks, Debbie Hemphill, Deborah Huseby, Deborah Jinza Thayer, Dennis Erno, Diane Haugesag, Diane Henry, Dolores Voorhees, Doug Forbes, Douglas Dittrich, Duane Olson, Dylan McAlpine, Elaine Lehmann, Elaine Santiago, Elaine Wynne, Elizabeth Kolbeck, Elsie Johnson, Emily Krause, Emily Laliberte, Eric & Julie Anderson, Eric Hammerberg, Eric Laage, Erica Pridy, Fran McDonald, Fran & Cathy Mcdonald, Frank Wood, Gary Hockert, Gayle Appelbaum, Geoff & Debra Hollimon, Girum Yigezu, Greg Kolbeck, Gwendolyn Gmeinder, Hayla Drake, Howard Lofkvist, Jacqueline Kilian, Jake Vermillion, James McDonald, James Temple & Jill Davis, Jane Hensen, Jane Wilken, Janet & Gary Johnson, Jean Mitby, Jeanne Buckeye, Jennifer Schubert, Jill Kielblock, Jim Delaney, Joan Jordan, JoAnn Ward, Jodelle Ista, John Conlin, John Conlon, John Francis, John Laliberte, John Nelson, John Snell, Jolene Pierson, Jon Busch, Josh Swenson, Joy Thao, Joyce Jose, Judy Jerde, Kaposia Education Center, Kaposia Education Center PTA, Karen Kaplan, Kari Rogers, Karin Margolis, Karla Hill-Donisch, Karna Berg, Katherine Dettmann, Kathleen Bona, Kathleen Vellenga,    Kathy Menne, Kathy Schakel – Carlson, Katy Koestler,   Kennlyn Robinson, Kevin Carlson, Kevin Schroeder, Kim Dahlen, Kirk Larson, Kyla Cromer, LaDonna Morrison, Lana Davis, Larry Johnson, Laurence Margolis, Leslie Krause, Lincoln Center Elementary, Lincoln Johnson, Linda Brody, Linda Long, Lindsey Krause, Liora Levi, Lisa McLeod, Lisa Roden, Lorene and Jim Roste, Lori Thompson, Lori Wixon, Lorne Rogers, Loveline Ndelle, Lynda Haemig, Mali Schroeder, Marcy Henrickson, Marcy Keefe, Mari Donaldson, Marian & Donald Biehn, Marina LeVan, Marion London, Mark Grimes, Mark Hiemenz, Mark Ziebarth, Mary Abellera, Mary Broderick, Mary Gallagher, Mary Glagaus, Mary Leisman. Mary Longtine, Mary Longtine, Mary Merchant, Mary Parker, Mary Stadick, Matthew McDonald, Megan Voorhees, Melissa Hart, Members of Plymouth Church Strobel Drop-in, Mercy Ekongi, Michael Kluznik, Mike, Mike McNeil, Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures, Missy Hamre, Monda Tapp, Monica Gallagher, Monticello Middle School Parent Involvement Group, Monticello School District Employees, Moorhead Area Public Schools employees, Nancy Arnold, Nancy & Jeff Fahrenkrug-Roatch, Nancy Nielsen, Naomi Villebrun, New Brighton Lions Club,            Nikki Laliberte, Oliver & Kristen Drake, Pam Schwantes, Patricia Cummings, Paul Amundson, Paul Cumings,      Paul Jacobsen, Paula Henry, Peter and Claudia LeNeau, Peter Lund, Rashid Bharucha, Ray & Carla Erpelding,   Rebecca Janke, Rebecca Surmont, Rene Benham, Rich Spencer, Rick and Deborah Clark, Rita Casey, Rita Lefebvre, Robert & Mary Schultz, Roger Sternberg, Roger Thompson, Ronald Margolis, Roxanne Abbas, Russell Drake, Ruth Jones, Ruth Nelson, Ruthena Fink, Ryan Sulheim, Sally Grans Korsh, Sara Barney,  Sarah and Nathan Wicks, Sarah Rathbone, Scott Glaser,  Scott Roster, Shane Campbell, Shari Drake, Sharon Anderson, Sharon Nolte, Sharon Schoenecker, Shawna Pearson, Sheila Nelson, Shelley and Michael Robshaw, Skye Campbell, St. John the Baptist Catholic School, St. Paul Public Schools employees, Stacey Powell, Stacy Elliott, State of Minnesota employees, Steven Roste, Steven Stoll, Sue & Harvey Anderson, Summer Fund, Susan Dunlop, Susan Furr, Susan Hoch, Susan Strauss, Teferi Fufa, Theresa Perkins. Tiana J Anderson, Tiffany Geis, Timothy Cook, Tom Campbell, Tom Fitzpatrick, Valerie Swenson,Verna Rowe, Vicki Connor, Vida Menne-Thorpe, Vincent King,Vivian Greeninger, Washington County employees, and Winifred Budde


November 22, 2019