By Dan McNeil

PeaceMaker Minnesota, in cooperation with the Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) and Merrick, Inc., is helping to introduce the Ambassadors for Respect handbook and to develop a plan for continuing the anti-bullying program in schools in the metro area and statewide.

Merrick, Inc., with funding from the GCDD, initiated the Ambassadors for Respect Anti-Bullying Program in 2013.  

The Program was inspired by self advocates, all of whom experienced bullying and shared their personal stories in classroom sessions they led for fourth graders of all abilities. 

The program is designed to support a school’s ongoing efforts to teach empathy, model respectful language, promote inclusion, prevent bullying, and encourage acts of kindness.  The program also addresses the concepts of self advocacy and self-determination. 

Download the Ambassadors for Respect Anti-Bullying Handbook here or order copies from the GCDD to learn more about the program.

After reviewing the handbook, please respond to this short survey to give us your suggestions continuing the program.