School Outcomes & Quotes


Student responses to a 40 question survey are used to measure results and help schools make improvement plans.  Results from student surveys administered in the spring of 2017 include:

15 out of 24 schools did better than national comparisons on five or more indicators such as the number of students reporting 1) to be bullied, 2) to be afraid to go to school, 3) to have one or no friends, 4) that teachers try to stop bullying and 5) students try to stop bullying. 

Eight schools improved compared to last year on five or more indicators. 

Our objective is to help schools to improve their student survey results each year and to reduce bullying below national averages.  


“The impact on our classroom as a whole was more unity, more community and more caring for one another – and having the skills do this is huge.  Kids desire community. They want to feel safe and cared for – now they know that their classmates are part of the effort.  It’s not just the teacher who cares for them – but everyone cares for them.”  Teacher, Glacier Hills Elementary


“I am grateful that our school has a program for parents and students alike to help reduce the devastation of bullying.  Because of this program, my daughter was able to use the tools that she learned to stand up for a friend who was getting bullied.  Thank you!”  Parent, St. John the Baptist Catholic School


 "The generosity of PeaceMaker donors has had a long lasting impact on our school community.  The funding has provided our Peace Guide to work 3 hours a day has allowed her to become an integral part of our student support team.  The funding for Responsive Classroom training provided immediate dividends for students in the classrooms which their teachers were trained. I cannot imagine not having the support and the services provided by PeaceMaker.”  Principal, Kaposia Education Center, South St. Paul