PeaceMaker Minnesota is interested in supporting school personnel dedicated to improving or maintaining at a high level measurable indicators of school climate.  


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Reasons Why Schools Join Our Network


“Because we are committed to educate our students on bullying prevention so students can feel safe in our school and community. We very much appreciate the resources, trainings, support and financial assistance that being a PeaceMaker School provides!”  Lisa McLeod, Social Worker, Lake Park Audubon Elementary


I believe that ensuring students receive peacemaking lessons and information is vital to a positive culture at school.  I value the information and guidance I get by being a member.  The funds we receive allow us to provide resources above and beyond what would normally be available.”  Lori Beck, Counselor, Central Middle School


“I have the personal and professional background that has led me to want to shine the light on how important it is to teach character development, social/emotional skills, peacemaking skills, whatever you want to call it.  It's SO NEEDED in today's fast-paced society and schools are a wonderful place to teach and model the skills that we not only want our children to LEARN but also to USE in their daily life.  Many thanks again for your continued efforts to help us infuse social emotional learning including peacemaking skills into our everyday lives.”   Shari Gustafson, Counselor, S.G Reinertsen Elementary


“We are a member of PeaceMaker because we believe in the mission of reducing conflict and bullying within our building. We also would not have funds to support our climate and conflict resolution programs without PeaceMaker.” Gabe Hackett, Principal, Little Mountain Elementary