We make it possible for PeaceMaker Minnesota partner schools to receive long-term funding to provide positive learning environments and to teach social emotional skills.


We create and develop endowment funds for school districts and other groupings of schools such as charter, independent, Catholic, etc.  We solicit contributions to grow the funds. We also find donors to match what you may raise.


For example, our partner schools often times ask their students to bring in coins during National Bullying Prevention month or National Youth Violence Prevention Week. Collections range from less than $100 to nearly $1,000. We find donors to match what the students raise and each year the endowment fund grows.


The year after a fund reaches a value of $20,000 it begins to make annual payments to the PeaceMaker Partner schools for which it was designed to serve.  Partner schools can decide whether the proceeds support PeaceMaker membership benefits such as matching funds, paying for the Olweus Bullying Questionnaire, Class Time Certification and scholarship funding, or if they prefer not to partake in those benefits and to receive fund proceeds directly for the attainment of their climate goals.  


Existing endowment funds include:


PeaceMaker Minnesota Endowment Fund


Catholic Schools Endowment Fund


Dayton Area Endowment Fund


Lake Park Audubon High School Endowment Fund


Mounds View School District Endowment Fund 


North St. Paul - Maplewood - Oakdale School District Endowment Fund


South St. Paul Public Schools Endowment Fund