To help partner schools reduce bullying and teach youth positive relational skills at your school, PeaceMaker Minnesota donors will match dollar for dollar what your PTA, employees, Give to the Max donors, students or school contributes to PeaceMaker Minnesota for your school.


If you request more than $1,000, then raise or contribute to a PeaceMaker Minnesota endowment fund 10% of the matching funds sought.  For example, generate a $200 payment to a PeaceMaker Minnesota endowment fund and contribute $2,000 to PeaceMaker Minnesota that is designated for your school to receive a $4,000 payment.  


The highest amount of funding that we have paid to a school in one year is $26,000.


Your school can use the funding to pay for curriculum, help at-risk students, train teachers, bring in speakers or specialists to work with your students, to hire additional recess help or pay for other staffing.


For more examples of how PeaceMaker Minnesota funding can be used, click here.


Matching Funds Request Form