Understanding and Intervening In Bullying Behavior: The 2.5 hour training is designed to equip classroom teachers and other educators to reduce the instances of bullying behavior within their classrooms. 

Creating A Supportive Classroom Climate:  The 2.5 hour training is designed to equip teachers and other educators to build a supportive classroom climate in which bullying is less likely to occur.

See Something. Do Something: Intervening in Bullying Behavior: The two hour training is designed to equip school bus drivers to recognize bullying behaviors among students on their buses and deal with bullying effectively as part of ensuring a safe and respectful bus environment.

Bullying and Harassment Intake and Investigation Training by McGrath Training Systems. This training is designed to help schools / districts identify and investigate possible instances of bullying in compliance with state and federal laws, the Office for Civil Rights guidelines, and their own policies.

Teaching Students to be Peacemakers: Help your students learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully and to become advocates for your work of teaching positive relational skills. 

  • Leadership Team training to help you plan your peer mediation and student led peacemaking efforts.
  • Fourteen-hour Peer Mediation training for student leaders. 
  • Topic specific refresher trainings for peer mediators 

Trainings are designed for 12 - 30 participants. 

The price of a training is typically $1,000 depending on location. PeaceMaker Minnesota partner schools may receive $500 in scholarship funding and receive matching funds or Teacher-Team Support & Recognition funding to help pay for trainings.  


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