Administrative Assistant: Help with data entry, sending letters / emails, and bank reconciliations.

Advocate: Talk with local businesses, civic groups, faith communities, etc. to develop support for local schools.

Ambassador: Hand out brochures and talk about PeaceMaker Minnesota’s mission during workplace fund drive events.

Communications Specialist: Help with press releases, social media communications, making videos and donor marketing.

Grant Writer: Prepare grant proposals to companies, foundations and other funding organizations.

Team Leader: Recruit participants for a bike ride fundraiser or people to donate $10 or more on a day of their choosing in early November.

Special Event Organizer: Help organize our bike ride, cribbage tournament and Candle Lighter campaign.

School Recruiter: Contact schools and school associations to let them know how PeaceMaker Minnesota can help.

School Resource Assistant: Identify needs, methods and resources for schools to improve their bullying prevention efforts.


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