Assessment & Planning Workshop: A four-hour workshop to help your school climate team:

  • Identify what is working and areas of concern
  • Identify intended outcomes
  • Develop an action plan for achieving your intended outcomes.


“The facilitator kept us refocusing on the tasks at hand. Very relaxed, competent and professional in his approach.”


“The facilitator asked the right questions and used knowledge and experience to help us frame our situation.”


“I would recommend this workshop to others. It forces us to make school climate a priority. It provides time and resources to combine data with our knowledge. It helps us understand where we are and where we want to go.”


“PeaceMaker provided us with everything we needed to be successful – the hard data, the comparisons to national averages, last year’s data and information about other schools, and a balanced and realistic look at what it all means.”


“I would recommend PeaceMaker without reservation. Who our children become is infinitely more important than what they become – so these discussions and goals are invaluable.”


The price of the Assessment & Planning workshop is typically $1,000 depending on location. PeaceMaker Minnesota partner schools may receive $500 in scholarship funding and receive matching funds or Class Time Certification funding to help pay for the workshop.  


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